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27 | 01 | 2016

Please take the time to be aware of the prevailing code requirements at your installation location!

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Winter 2013 : How to Save Money by Switching to a Wood Pellet Heating System

Wednesday, September 18 to Saturday, September 21, 2013

CENTRE ICE PLAZA- 480 Range Lake Road Yellowknife, NT X1A 3R9
(beside the Bank of Montreal and Luluz Market, parking available)

We would like to invite the general public to visit our product showcase and learn how to save money by switching to a high quality wood pellet heating system.

Our experienced team can assist you with calculating your potential heating costs using wood pellets, comparing costs to your current heating system and, with selecting a pellet boiler with the optimum performance if you should choose to benefit from this investment.

To schedule an appointment and to learn how you can start saving, please contact: Jan Larsson at (867) 446-0059 or

Energy North specializes in renewable energy solutions across Canada and North of 60. We are a Gwich’in company based in Yellowknife, Norman Wells and Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories. Collectively, our team has more than 30 years of experience in the biomass heating industry.

With a rapidly expanding market of innovate renewable alternatives to fossil fuel consumption, wood pellet boiler systems are a viable alternative for supplying your energy needs. Wood pellets are a clean burning, renewable and environmentally friendly energy resource that saves money on heating costs.

Energy North is an exclusive distributor of MESys Ökofen pellet boilers in the Northwest Territories. Ökofen is the Austrian product leader in the European biomass market, and their products are now manufactured in the United States by Maine Energy Systems (MESys).

Energy North is committed to increasing the understanding and use of biomass systems for heat and electricity in Canadian homes, businesses, industries and communities.

Jan Larsson and David Krutko will be present to welcome you, provide product information and answer all your questions.

Two of our products will be on display:

MESys Ökofen Convertible Pellet Boiler

The MESys Convertible is the ideal solution for areas where bulk pellet delivery is currently unavailable. The Convertible allows home owners to start with a base model, at entry level pricing, and upgrade to a fully-automatic system once bulk pellet delivery becomes available in their area. It is a cost-saving first step for the boiler buyer.

MESys Ökofen Auto Pellet

The MESys Auto Pellet can be installed in a cascade series for institutional heating. Staged MESys systems will run more efficiently than a single large boiler system because individual wood pellet boilers can be added or removed from service automatically, ensuring that at lower heat requirements the system is running at its highest efficiency.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge and discussing economical options during this event.

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Energy North & MESys Wood Pellet Boiler Training Courses

Norman Wells, Northwest Territories

Energy North & MESys offers training courses to contractors on installation, adjustment, and maintenance of the MEYsys AutoPellet boilers. Training includes the configuration and installation of wood pellet bulk storage and wood pellet delivery systems.

Our Northwest Territories contractors completed the entire training course and are now certified to install MESys pellet boiler systems.

They are:

  • Global Techincal Systems Ltd. - Ben Hildebrand, Colin Olson, Jesse Wallin, Bill Pratt
  • Crazy Plumbing - Doug Gillis, Rick Maughn, Steven Nerysoo, Geo Pascal
  • Whiponic Wellputer Ltd. - Stefan Blake, Dan Rayner
  • MD Hotel Group - Vince Brown, Grant Convey
  • Prevost Electric Ltd. - Norm Prevost


To learn more about training courses and review findings from our Spring Fact Finding Tour, please click on the following report entitled Fact-finding Tour and Pellet Boiler Certification Report: Increasing the use of high efficiency pellet systems and developing pellet distribution in communities of the NWT.