MESys Convertible boiler


The MESys Convertible is the ideal solution for areas where bulk pellet delivery is unavailable today. The Convertible is a standard MESys AutoPellet boiler designed to be bag fed, by hand, with about six bags of pellets, or 300 pounds of pellet, in a single load. The Convertible allows you to start with a base model, at entry level pricing, and upgrade to a fully-automatic system once bulk pellet delivery becomes available in your area. It is a cost-saving first step for the boiler buyer.

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  • Certified ASME, CSA and CRN
  • 87.7% Efficiency
  • Two Stage Combustion
  • Stainless Steel Combustion Chamber
  • Programmable Logic Controller for Modulated Heat Output
  • Digital LCD Controller Interface
  • Automatic Electric Ignition with Low Energy (250W) Glow Plug
  • Burnback Fire Prevention Through Air-Tight Spring Actuated Valve
  • Automatic Flame Tube Cleaning Mechanism
  • Bottom Fed Pellet Burner Requires No Down Time for Burner Ash Removal
  • Combustion Sensor Continuously Monitors Burner Efficiency
  • Pressure Sensor and Flue Gas Fan Safely Control Draft
  • Optional Convertible Features
  • External Detachable Ash Box for Easy and Clean Ash Removal
  • Pellet Fuel Automatically Fed by Vacuum from Bulk Storage

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