Wood pellet distribution


With the demand for wood pellets only increasing in the NWT, the government has placed a priority on researching and developing distribution options for the broad range of customers installing wood pellet boiler systems. Energy North will stay abreast of the developments in order to help our clients obtain access to wood pellets in the easiest and most economical method available.

With our current network of wood pellet distributors, we can assist you in selecting the fuel supplier that will be most convenient to your location and needs. Supplying wood pellets for a region is also an opportunity for local business owners or local development corporations. In Norman Wells, a pellet distribution plant was installed by Green Energy NWT Inc. to serve the Sahtu Region. Current methods of bulk wood pellet delivery to some communities include transport by rail or barge, in additional to road delivery.

Wood Pellet distributions  


9 Wood Pellet Trucks as of 2016 can delivery in Wood Pellet in Bulk in NWT.

Please look at http://nwtbiomassenergy.ca for more information.

Wood Pellet distributions